Twill - A new logistics service for a new way of working


Twill is a freight logistics company, helping small and medium sized businesses ship stuff from point A to point B. As the company was relatively unknown to most SMEs, Twill needed to develop a brand from scratch as well as a global launch campaign encompassing the following markets: the UK, Germany, United States, China, India, Vietnam and Brazil.


For a long time, smaller companies have either been overlooked or treated poorly by the big shipping giants, who have favoured doing business with large multinationals rather than with the humble (and less lucrative) SME. Hence, what these companies are looking for is a logistics team that caters to all their freight needs, while treating SMEs with the respect they deserve.

The creatives and I developed a campaign that puts Twill’s customer in the spotlight. “You’ll be the rockstar, we’ll be the roadie” celebrates the passion of entrepreneurs and puts them on a pedestal, while presenting Twill as their support crew. We developed over 300 assets including posters, radio spots, banners, and animated videos with plans to do TV, events and corporate social responsibility projects post Covid-19.

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