T Levels - The Next Level Qualification


Productivity in the UK is plummeting as 16-year olds continue to choose academic over technical education, leading to a mismatch between skills and available job opportunities. Many parents and teachers struggle to accept the value of anything that isn’t an A level, but 60% of employers think that new graduates are not adequately prepared for the world of work. The UK’s new technical qualification, ‘T Levels,’ had to fight this stigma and re-frame technical education as a pathway to unlocking the world of work.


Gen Z is the ‘now, now, NOW!’ generation – seeking an educational route that takes them where they want to go fast. T Levels are about moving further forward, faster. I developed research, briefs and workshops to create a brand that embodies personal progress and upward momentum.

I built a brand identity that gave T Levels a sense of status and inspired pride and confidence in the qualification among students, parents and employers. We used real students from a variety of backgrounds, genders and abilities to create aspirational brand assets. Our brand building exercise increased public awareness of T Levels to the extent that 42% of students would now consider a T Level.