ScreenCloud is a digital signage provider that allows companies to put any content on any screen. I work as a front-end engineer to build marketing web experiences. I’m the code owner of the marketing site Achievements:

  • Built and deployed 50+ individual pages from scratch - all optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Improved speed & performance of individual pages by up to 260% (Google Lighthouse)
  • Migrated landing pages from 3rd party app to main site, saving company $12,000/year
  • Migrated marketing site from to without loss of SEO ranking
  • Implemented A/B testing tool for rapid optimisation and experimentation
  • Built product filtering system from scratch for over 50 products with more than 70 filters
  • Helped migrate codebase to new hosting provider, decreasing deployment time from 2 hours to 5 minutes
  • Implemented GA4 (Google) analytics system and complete conversion tracking from lead to paying customer
  • Integrated Hubspot, enabling form submissions and content scoring model for the marketing team

Tech-stack: Next.js, Typescript, Hubspot, Node.js, React, Prismic CMS, Theme-UI, IpStack, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, Drift Chatbot, Calendly, Salesforce