Virtual Reality (VR) is only as good as its level of immersion. While many startups focus on optimising the visual, auditory, and even tactile experience, VR apps can never reach full immersion without one of our most important senses: smell.

I invented a prototype that lets you smell in VR. Scentience is a “smart aroma dispenser”, able to emit multiple scents in real-time, connected to the in-app actions of a VR user.

Scentience was accepted into the Plug & Play Silicon Valley accelerator, which allowed me to pitch VCs and Fortune 500 companies. I went on a sponsored 9-day visit to China, touring 4 top-tier cities to pitch and represent Silicon Valley at conventions with U.S. mayors and Chinese government officials. Scentience was featured on CCTV-2, which has an estimated reach of up to 1.2 billion viewers.

Tech-stack: Unity 3D (JavaScript), Oculus VR SDK, Arduino (c/c++)