PSFK - Sports Debrief


In the world of sport, the difference between winning and losing is decided by the narrowest of margins. As a result, athletes are forever looking for a competitive edge that will help them to outpace their rivals and continue honing their craft. Business leaders face the same challenges. PSFK sought to produce a trends report that took the learnings of the sports industry and applied them to the business world.


I wrote the ‘Sports Debrief’ - a trend report that shared insights and key takeaways from the sports world to provide advice applicable to creative professionals from all market sectors and business disciplines. This report inspires the use of personal optimisation methods in business and health by exploring how wearable tech, dietary routines and cognitive techniques can unlock actionable learnings in the workplace.

In this 20+ page report, you will find:

• 5 keys for exceptional performance on and off the field
• 7 comprehensive trends elevating a performer in every stage of the workout process
• 21 best-in-class examples of companies optimizing performance for the individual athlete
• Lessons for creative businesses to improve workflow, marketing and customer experience
• Insights and statistical support from industry leaders
• Interviews and opinions from industry leaders including GE and Gatorade