Applebee's - Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood


New health trends, rising expectations of the quality of food, and failed attempts to attract younger customers had led to years of slumping sales and store closures for the casual dining chain Applebee’s and its 2,500+ restaurants.


Bringing the focus back to what Applebee’s does best – ‘sinful’ food in abundance – in a humorous way. By re-launching the classic ‘Eatin’ good in the neighborhood’ brand slogan and offering a new line of product offers too good to refuse ($1 cocktails), we helped Applebee’s make one of the fastest and biggest restaurant comebacks in history.

The company saw +5.5% sales over the first 9 months of 2018, which was the first positive sales figure in 3 years. As well as creating brand and food campaign briefs, I managed the Neighborhood Drink of the Month program, launching 14 monthly dollar drink campaigns, which were instrumental to the brand’s success.